Who We ARE

MGM Group held in Egypt since 1999,operates in the broking industry both at a national and international level. With an experience achieved in over 18 years of activity we can boast a consolidated relationship with over 1000 suppliers and a constantly evolving business. Focused on the industrial supply management, we offer a professional service based on the company needs, providing customers with a wide Range of services: Commissioning and Project Managment, industrial Machinery supply, SpareParts Supply ,mechanical tools and more.

Our Service:

Industrial Broking

The optimal solution to every kind of request in the industrial supply process.


In field of cooling towers & cooling tech services & HVAC & more

Lean Manufacturing

We have our expert lean advisor, to optamize & increase over all efficency of factories.

MGM - Supply : Offers multi- services, in multiples Fields of Supplying Industrial Machinery and Spare parts in all industrial Fields,and Importing and Exporting Services in many Fields ,.

MGM - Engineering: Is a dynamic electromechanical firm that is poised to capture substantial market share in one of the fastest growing service industries in the country. We specialized in the field of Cooling Tower Commissioning and Supply , and Most of Elecro-Mechnical Commissioning Works .